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Well-balanced, Natural Editing! :)

LightRoom Edits

Our most popular Wedding Post Production Services, designed to get you out of Lightroom/Aperture and back to more important things. From now on, leave the image correction to Aftershoot :)

  • Adjusting White Balance
  • Adjusting Exposure
  • Black and White conversion
  • Working on your Own Lightroom Preset
  • Sharpening
  • Noise reduction etc


£0.08 / image £0.10 / image

Cull Service /Image selection

If you're like most photographers, you take a lot of photos at every wedding or portrait shoot. There are some wonderful photos in there, but sometimes it can be a pain to search them out and get rid of the duplicate images. We can help. Let us pare down the images to a reasonable number, within a range that you request :)


£0.03 / image

Cropping / Straightening Services

Coming Soon


Basic Retouching

Note : The points mentioned below apply only if needed.

  • Colour correction Plus
  • Reduce Eyeballs
  • Reduce wrinkles / blemishes
  • Skin Smoothening
  • Teeth whitened
  • Stray hair removed
  • Slight Body Reshape
  • Applying Effects


£1.25/ image £1.75 / image

Advanced Retouching

Please post any Specific instructions for this service which will help us to return your images according to your expectations.

  • Basic retouching plus
  • Advance Slimming
  • Advance Color Enhancement
  • Selective color changes
  • Background Changing
  • Head Swapping
  • Object removal / Adding
  • Advance Cloth Fixing
  • Adding or removing people
  • Complex Background recreation


£2.50/ image £3.25 / image

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